Healing Hugs – Dist-INK-tive

Happy Day, Stampers! 

Have you seen the effects of the new type of stamp?  It’s called “Dist-INK-tive”.  Check out the picture sample.  The flower stamp is an example of one of those types – check out the wonderful detail!!  The creative genius at Stampin’ UP! take a photo and make a stamp that shows the variation and shading.  You’ll see a number of these throughout the Annual Catalog.  Check out pages: 101 (Stylish Christmas), 110 (Healing Hugs), 151 (All The Good Things), 153 (Bokeh Dots), and 157 (Seize the Day). There is another in the Holiday Catalog, too!!

Until next time – remember, if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

Check out the “Shop Now” button above.

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